how long does freesia and ranunculus bulb take to sprout?

gary_azApril 8, 2007


I'm in gilbert, AZ.

I had planted ranunculus and freesia bulbs a couple of weeks back but haven't seen anything sprout so far.

When can I expect the bulbs to sprout? Do these bulbs act as annuals or do they flower every year? Do I need to take them out in fall?


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azreno(z9 AZ)

I don't know about ranunculus, but freesia naturalize well here. Yours are not likely to bloom this year, being bought and planted late like they were. When you get bulbs late and plant them late, you're really only planting them so they will live for next year- they'll grow foliage in order to rejuvenate their store of energy in the bulbs and if you're lucky you'll get flowers, but mine have already flowered and are setting seed. You should expect to see some leaves popping out of the dirt soon if you're keeping them watered well.

Bulbs are as a rule seasonal. The freesias will die back down after they've stored their energy and pop back up again next year. They flower every year, do leave them in the ground, they may however require the occasional dividing. The do self sow if the seed pods are allowed to develop, seems to me like seedligns would flower in their second year, but would be full size in their third year.

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Ranunculus tend to not return/naturalize. You may get a few leaves popping up and possibly a flower, but don't expect them to give a show like the year before. When planting Ranunculus, be sure to position them toes pointing down (plant grows from the flat spot on top); if in doubt as to which side is up, plant sideways. It is also an excellent idea to soak Ranunculus tubers for a few hours in water before planting.

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I leave in California.
Ranunculus bulbs should be planted in well drainable soils, otherwise they would rot easily. They do come back every year and stronger with better flower.

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