does new growth size depend on bamboo or time in ground???

jolusianyMarch 12, 2008


First I want to say that this forum has lots of great info. And that as you might be able to tell, I'm very new to bamboo growing. I'm trying to better understand how the whole growth process works.

If I plant a bamboo type that grows 4inch round, does it grow to the 4inch round in one year or does it take a few years.

Meaning...I plant bamboo that can grow to 4inch round. But the plant is only about 1inch round. Does this mean next year's shoots will be alittle bigger, say 2inches thick and the next year's shoots will be 3inches...and so on.

Last question...If I plant a full grown 4inch thick and 15 feet tall bamboo...would next years shoots be 4inch thick also?

I hope someone will be able to help explain how this works. Thanks in advance for your time.

Lisa S

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Generally, the bamboo will have to have well established roots and rhizomes for food storage to sustain large culm growth.

Some bamboos will reach mature size in only a few years and some take several years. It depends on the type of bamboo and the growing conditions, such as moisture, warmth, and soil type.

Bamboos that do well here, may not do well in other parts of the country and vice versa.

Moso is very slow to mature here, probably taking a dozen or more years to get much size at all, but yet others such as Henon may reach large size in three years.

A bamboo that is listed to grow to four inches in diameter, will likely be smaller than listed, as those sizes are how large they will grow under ideal conditions.

What kind are you looking to grow and where are you located?


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I live in NY...the reason I ask this question is because a friend of mine gave me some bamboo and each year, the new shoots get bigger, then last years.

The bamboo that was given to me was a small one (am not complaining :) ) and I'm wondering if I had planted a fully grown 25feet, 4inch thick bamboo...would the new shoots be almost 4inches.

I thought once you have a full grown boo that has reached its max thickness...that each new shoot after will be the same full thickness.

Lisa S

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Yes, in an established grove, once it reaches it's full potential, it will usually keep putting up large shoots, although some will be smaller.

Since a single large culm simply does not have the root/rhizome capacity to put up large shoots, the newer ones will be smaller until the plant gets established.

Good Luck


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Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Had small family problem to deal with. Anyhow...thanks so far for taking the time to help answer my question.

So if your saying that a single large culm does not have the root to put up large shoots, does that mean then if I dig up say 3 adult size boo's, with a big size root ball...this would better my chance of having new shoots start off at full size?

Lisa S

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