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wastequestMarch 25, 2011

I bought these amaryllis a couple months ago but most of them were not labelled. Would you please ID them for me. I am doing some crossing so I want to know the names for record.

This one was supposed to be Gervase, but obviously it's not

The rest I have no idea:

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

2 is most likely red nymph
3 is red lion (the white tips on the petals are a give away!)
5 is stressed out minerva

but honestly, unless you get clones from a reputable distributor, you can never be sure.

1 and 4 are very nice. Cruise around to see if you can find them!

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I think # 1 is Flamenco Queen..and I'm thinking your # 4 could be a mostly pink Gervase..going mostly by the red filaments what do the rest of you think...


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I think I'm wrong about # 4 being Gervase..I think it is Purple Rain. Purple Rain has the same red-rose filaments and the petals are more rounded than Gervase's. Purple Rain was sold by White Flower Farm and I just looked at a picture of it in their catalogue and I'm pretty sure that's what it is.


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My guesses are 1 is flamenco queen, 2 is fanfare 3 is in my opinion Rosalie and 4 is for sure minerva.

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1. Flamenco Queen
2. Red Peacock
3. Rapido *Possibly, Reds Are Difficult To I.D. But It's Too Red To Be "Red Lion" in my opinion, "RL" is more orange.

4. Purple Rain
5. Minerva

I'm pretty sure #3 is 'Rapido', do you know what you bought it as or where you got it? Can you tell us the size of the flower?


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I don't think # 2 is Red Peacock based on the fact that mine has and had a much larger flower I mean huge with many many more petals..# 3 looks rather small. The orangey red is consistent with the color of Red Peacock, but I think still think it's something else..but I don't know what....Just my opinion of course...


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I'm not too good with doubles :( The only other red one I know of is 'FanFare' which I'm sure this isn't *posting pic of mine below for reference* I wish I had taken pictures of my 'Rapido' this year, it was a smaller flower on a dark stalk with the same coloring via filaments and the very dark heart.

'Red Lion' usually has lighter scapes if I'm correct? I'm not entirely sure tho!

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jimnpa (6a PA USA)

#2 is Double Delight or a very good carbon copy of it. I agree with Donna, Red Peacock is MUCH larger. I had to stake my Red Peacock scapes this year because the flowers were so heavy. Double Delight is about half the size. I got 3 Double Delights this year that were supposed to be Benfica. How anyone could make that mistake is beyond me.


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