Question about Bamboo roots....

rmk3392March 1, 2008


I just dug up a culm and rootball of an unknown bamboo growing in the back of a home I recently moved into. The bamboo is very tall, perhaps 30+ feet. I noticed that in the middle of the main roots comming off the rootball, there is a hollow canal running the length of the roots. Can this help me identify the bamboo species, or do all bamboos have this hollow channel? Thanks for any help provided!


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Sounds like you are talking about one of the rhizomes, which looks similar to one of the culms. I would guess that you have Phyllostachys aurea aka Golden or Fishpole Bamboo since it is common in your area.

A photo would help. Do some of the culms have compressed nodes on the lower culms? What colour is it?


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