Seeking information about H. Vittatum

mariehass(6)March 6, 2014

Would someone please teach me about H. Vittatum? From the looks of the bulb I purchased it looks like an outdoor, warm climate cultivar? It does not look like the rest of the bulbs that i have purchased thus far.

I live in West Virginia, Zone 6.

Thanks everybody.


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Hi Marie,
If you have the real deal, H. vittatum is a species, rather than a cultivar, but some bulbs sold as H. vittatum may be hybrids. According to, H. vittatum is the parent that lends its cold hardiness to H. johnsonii. I received 3 from RC and will leave one outdoors next winter, but zone 6 might be pushing it. Do you have some information that indicates it can handle zone 6?

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Bill, the bulb came from the Amaryllis Man in Florida, so I doubt that it would be cold hardy for here We have had temperatures in the -degrees, which indicates to me that it would not survive.

it is a smaller bulb, not prepared like the rest that I have. The roots are fresh and moist. The top has not been cut, and fresh leaves are sprouting.

Will the plant be ok in a pot? Is it one that does best with a rest period. If so, what kind? Or can it grow as an evergreen and allowed to bloom as it will?

I purchased the bulb because i liked the shape and looks of the flower.


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If it were mine and it has fresh roots and is sprouting leaves as you say I would pot it up immediately. I do think you can grow this successfully in a pot and it will decide on its own whether or not it wants to grow as an evergreen.

Now this is the type of bulb, dug from someone's yard that you should keep away from your other bulbs until you're sure that it is virus free. That wouldn't be until after you put it out in the hot summer sun for several months.
Of course in a perfect with with plenty of room we should do this to all our new bulbs but...

Now I have had good luck with this type of bulb (dug from people's yards) purchased on EBay but I would do this if I were you. I always do.

Good luck with your bulb. Vittatums are not all created equal. Some are even red if you look it up on the Internet and some have red/raspberry throats which is the version I have.


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Donna, thank you so much!!!!

Read your post at lunch and came right home this evening and potted her up.

I will keep her separate since it is not a prepared bulb. The ebay picture showed a white with pinkish red veining. It shows a green throat.

I have attached the link (if it will let you) if you want to look at the color.


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I saw a photo on Ebay, but from this picture is almost impossible to determine vittatum it is or not, because one must have a picture of a flower even in profile.
I can show you a picture of my vittatum.

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This is my version. I bought this from EBay but growing in someone's yard in California; they had dozens of them and I don't know for sure if it's an authentic vittatum but I've found some pictures on the Internet that do match but have also seen many that match yours and Oleg's too. The one I bought wasn't sold as vittatum so maybe I just wished it to be! I never did get a side view of mine though.


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I bought this hippy for vittatum sp. The tepals are pointed, not like the one Oleg has. Is it different?

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I think that Donna and neptune44 plants is also vittatum, but different clones or variants. The flower petal tip my clone too pointed, just can not see it due to bending of the petals.

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I would guess yours could be one of the many faces of vittatum. Your first picture shows a more orange red that possibly has too much color for vittatum which makes me doubt that it is vittatum but your second picture looks more like the other pictures posted with a more raspberry red and the coloration is more sparse. Are these both pictures of the same bulb?
I wonder if one of us any truly has a vittatum so maybe we should just all assume that we do seeing the variability so far. The shape of your flowers is very beautiful, in the first photo particularly!

I'll bet that if all of us posted our vittatums there would be noticeable differences in them all as there seems to be so far!!


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Donna, the white balance of the first photo is wrong. Sorry. I should have adjusted it. The second is OK

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Very interesting to see all the variability of H. Viittatum. I am hoping for the pointed petals like Neptune44.


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