The Right tree.

ACBROSSApril 27, 2013

I'm looking for a certain tree that would prevail in a container next to the front door by my apartment. I couldn't really tell what would work. It gets mostly morning sun, I would really like to find the right tree and would like it really much.

I really would like to rip the concrete out. lol.

If you have suggestions, all are appreciated.


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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

More detes: what size area should it take up? A snapshot of the area? That would be good.

Will you participate at all in some upkeep or do you just want one you can plant and forget?

With regard to that, if are you okay with trimming/pruning, you can make most any tree a 'dwarf'...or any plant a tree. It depends on your level of involvement.

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Ficus benjamani does well outdoors in morning sun and light shade.

It also does well in containers.

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I think that I could put a 15 Gallon container there. But would like to do less. Nothing too big. I was considering a dwarf citrus, but decided to go otherwise.

I kinda like Ficus benjamani, but they're kinda scarce.

I have attached a photo... There's a super-imposer!

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Ficus aren't scarce ... almost any house plant department sells them.

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