Super Dwarf Cavendish darkened spots

IsleWalkerFebruary 28, 2013


I've seen other posts about this but am still not exactly sure which problem I have--either overwatering or too much light.

I got these Super Dwarf Cavendish in 4" pots about a month ago. New leaves have darkened areas on them.

I did have them outside (it has been sunny but cold (45F) at night here, but then I brought them inside in a south-east facing window. Today is the first I have opened the doors, so they are in direct light.

When I repotted the first one I used mostly coconut coir and a about 1/3 potting soil. I have only fertilized with really dilute fertilizer once.

With the second one, I put it in a clay pot and used more potting soil, less coco coir. Am I off base here?

I have cut off some leaves that had actual dead spots in them, but the new leaves are all coming in with these darkened areas. Is that from over watering?


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Sorry---guess you can't post pic at same time as original post?

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Your plants here look very young. Since they're still tender, it would be helpful not to give it too much water all at once. Water moderately when it feels dry 1" from the soil surface. Also young plants don't take direct sunlight very well. Try keeping them in partial shade for now until the stem is stronger and leaves grow larger. Young plants are hard to look after sometimes because they can die from root rot if too much water is given at this stage. Also, try not to fertilize them until they've hardened up a little.

The leaves don't look too bad in the picture. There's only one dark spot which I won't worry too much about. I think they should do ok if you water them lightly and keep them from exposing to strong sunlight. Have fun with your superdwarfs and look forward to seeing more pictures of them when they've grown.

P.S. You can attach the picture with your original post, but if you go back to edit your post, you'll lose the attachment and you'll have to go back to browse for the image you wish to attach again. I know ... I find this rather troublesome. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your feedback. I think you're right about the watering and i'll watch it. The partial shade really throws me though. In the house do I put it on the east/south side but out of direct sun? It just seems like the window might filter out enough to not damage them.

The darkening I'm talking about doesn't show up too well in this picture--it kind of washed them out. But you can see them on two of the larger leaves. These are new since I got the plant. The smaller potted one seems not to have as much problem with it, so either the different potting soil helped or the clay pot helps with the water not collecting.

I plan to have these guys outside on the deck eventually--year round. I am right now experimenting with growing tomatoes all year. I have about 35 plants and they do have tomatoes, but this was a cold (for California) year so they slowed down and even small tomatoes stopped getting bigger and began to ripen. So I think it can be done but it's a much mellower, slower process. Also, the frequent rains (for us) don't help the leaves out. But that's not bananas!!

Thanks again.


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