Name of Fertilizer for bananas tree

ochoguaFebruary 15, 2008

Hello to all. I'm new at this. What's the name or brand of fertilizer I should use for my bananas tree ? Someone told me that maybe one by the numbers of 10-3-10 should do read labels and it's for lawns, Oh boy I'm so onfused ?!!!? I have 2 medium size and one with fruits but growing very slow really small fruits water them every other day I'm on zone 10 . Please and Thanks to everybody

Have a nice week end


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You can use almost ANYTHING to fertilize bananas. They will use as much fertilizer as you can give them. I use a combination of grass fertilizer, evergreen fertilizer, miracle grow, fish emulsion and composted cow manure. If you can try to use organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion or manure since they are not as harsh on the environment. So, to answer your question 10-3-10 is fine at least once a week during active growth.

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Thank you vey much banana fun for the fast answer. On my way to Home Depot thanks again Have a great week end
Lots of love

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Whatever is cheapest, such as 16-16-16.

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8-8-8, 10-10-10, 13-13-13, all with trace elements. You can buy 40-50 lbs ( 18-23 kilos) for about $6-$8 US. Go to a local farmers' co-op store or feed & seed store and specifically ask for fertilizer with "trace elements".

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most of these fertilizers are time-release, and I'm not sure how often they should be applied. It seems that the instructions are meant for applications. I have a very small area, only two dwarf cavendishes, and had my first hand last year, about 50 bananas. But I didn't do anything special; iin fact, I don't think I did anything at all. They just popped up. Now I want to make sure that I get a crop this year. Any info is appreciated. thanks js

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bananas seem to take all the food they are given..i agree..
i use a 15:5:30 with bananas they need a fair amout of
nitrogen..but they need a TON of potash..
also minor elements are needed a good balanced
fertiilizer ..i use to buy a "name brand" banana fertilizer/fuel
now i make my own..much cheaper..and same levels of
good luck to ya !!!! let us know how you do...

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

A full sized (say, 5+ feet of p-stem) will consume up to 1lb of Nitrogen per year. Edible, fruiting bananas can use up to 1.5x as much Potassium (K) as Nitrogen (N), and Phosphate needs are much lower. Ornamentals will do better with more N than K.

For ornamental bananas (such as musa basjoo), a ratio like 15-5-10 would be ideal (a 3-1-2 ratio) and for fruiting bananas, a 10-5-15 (2-1-3 ratio) would be preferred. Having an even lower Phosphate (P) wouldn't hurt much.

If you're using time release fertilizer, it'll be harder finding ideal ratios, but you can still get by fine. I would likely toss each plant a handful every 2 weeks or so, so there's always a steady stream of decaying fert for the plants.

Where I am in Florida, it's difficult to batch/bulk purchase fertilizers to mix myself thanks to county laws (trying to protect bay area water). I get by fine with Water Soluble All purpose Miracle-Gro 24-8-16. Most of my bananas are ornamental.

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