Potted Patio Plants: What's Your Favorite and Why?

haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)April 22, 2008

I'll start, though I don't have many plants yet and am hoping to get some good ideas from you all. :)

1. I've had my Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium geayi) for a number of years and am rather attached to it. Last summer a storm blew it over and broke some of the thorns off the trunk, and it really does need to be repotted. I don't relish the repotting chore for this one but hubby will do the actual work.

I love this plant for its unusual appearance and the fact that it thrives well in this climate without a lot of fuss.

2. My second favorite at the moment is my newly planted Sweet Bay. I had one for a few years but it died from lack of water a couple of years ago. I kept it in the shade but the early morning sun in the summer on that size pot was still too much. This time I tried double-potting it in a terra cotta pot within a larger glazed pot, with peat moss packed in between the two pots for insulation.

I love this plant for the fragrance and flavor of the leaves which I use in cooking, and it is a beautiful plant as well.

3. I planted an everblooming gardenia. We'll see. But in theory, I will love this plant for the fragrance of the flowers by my front door. This plant will get a little sun in the late afternoon and I really have my doubts. We'll know in a couple of months if this plant will make it. I have a mister on that porch that may be used to cool the area on the hottest afternoons

Now I have a wok pot that I'm going to put succulents in, and a large azalea pot that I'm not sure about yet, but am leaning toward a Portulacaria afra.

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Toss-up between mini roses, dwarf orange and violets and since they bloom at different times, it really isn't a problem, lol. The oranges ripen about the same time the roses have to be pruned. The violets are winter and spring flowering and look so lovely. During the summer, the rose and orange leaves are green, the violets are dead and I'm dreaming of cooler temps in a land far, far away.

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