Shooting time of Aurosulcata 'Spectablis'

sasquatch(z8 OR)March 14, 2007

I just planted 9 of these along a fence last fall.

I'm curious on when I should expect them to shoot (if at all) this year?

I bought a mix of larger ones (with 1-2 15-20' 3/4" culms, and others 2-3 7-10' 1/4"-1/2" culms)

The only ones that I have seen any type of activity on are two of the smaller ones, where I see shoots breaking the surface. The other 7 show no signs, although the leaves are green and appear to have weathered the winter.

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wildbillgt(Z8 WA ST)

Mine are usually around may though I would think ground tempature may play more of a factor than what month.

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bamboobubba(z7 AR)

Here in Western Arkansas mine have been shooting for a week. Always my first to Culm, 3rd year in ground.

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sasquatch(z8 OR)


No sign of any shooting on 7 of them. On the other 2, one has 3 shoots, one has 1 shoot.

I'm worried about the ones that are not shooting. Their leaves are green -- when do the new leaves come out?

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