How hardy is musa basjoo, I'll let you know in May!

sandy0225(z5 Indiana)February 3, 2007

Well, the weather here in Indiana is cold and getting colder. Tonight it's supposed to be 1 degree, and by Monday night -7 is forecast. That is the real temperature, not the wind chill. The wind is blowing in gusts to 20 mph.

The weather man is saying that this is the coldest temps since 1996.

I've got a clump of basjoo I've had for three years, so I guess I'm testing my mulching method.

I think the Colts went to the super bowl just to get out of Indiana and go to Miami :)

Wish me luck!

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vmckague(Central Mo. Zone 5)

What kind of mulching method did you use? I used straw at the base and bubble wrap on the stalk. Its 0 degrees now and my weather forecast is about like yours, so if my plant survives I will be very surprised.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I a way of mulching that I got off of here on gardenweb.
I cut the stalk down to about a foot tall, put bags of leaves around the stalk and one over the top, leaving them in the bags.
It's worked well so far, I guess I'll find out.
I never have tried to save any of the stalk height. It seems that they grow so fast anyway once they get started in the spring. Several stalks in the clump were over 10 feet tall by fall this year.

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I'll be curious to see what mine do too. I used the same method, with bags of leaves.

We've had -15 without the windchill, -25 with it. :( We haven't had a winter like this in quite a few years. Every now and then I look out at my babies and wonder if I'll see them again. I guess I could string some Christmas lights out there, but the worst appears to be over. It was a balmy -5 this morning.

Luckily I have 6 bananas outside and one as a houseplant as insurance. I might need it this year!

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They have been growing at the St.Louis zoo for years. Climate in the city is more protected than here on top of a very windy hill in the country. I cut mine even with the top of the ground. I cover with some pine needles usually. this year I used an old sleeping bag. It has lived through 2 winters here and is taller than the house before a killing frost. Japanese beetles love this tree.

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vmckague(Central Mo. Zone 5)

midwestjeff, Where are they planted at the zoo in St. Louis? I plan on going there this year and would like to check them out. Went a couple of years ago but didn't pay any attention but it was 90 degrees that day and the puffin- penguin house was the place to be. LOL

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