Mekong giant...

speedjesterFebruary 5, 2014

Hello wondering if anyone can tell me are the Mekong giant fruit edible?? Seems I can't get a definite answer... Some sites say ornamental..others say edible...

Also can someone point me to a place where I can buy some Mekong Giant plants... In the 3'-4 ft range...

Thanks in adavance..

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Where is everyone?? :)

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Edible yes, good no. Because it is ornamental it will be full of seeds. I bought mine from Plant Delights nursery, but I was disappointed when it didn't come back after a very mild winter.

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Chadec... I read they were pretty hardy... What do you think happened?? I'm in zone 9... Looking for a tall edible banana for a sunny section of my yard..any other recommendations..

Thank you

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