Small Moso shoots

watergarden2006March 3, 2008

Is it time for Moso to send up shoots? Still a little early I think, and there is a bit of snow on the way. The moso is planted in a large pot, and I have covered it with white plastic, domed using coat This has been outside all winter thus far, with minor leaf burn here in Tennessee. Will the plastic dome keep the shoots from getting to cold? Only supposed to be around 38-40 degrees F. Have had a couple 70 degree days, and now its dropping again.......Time for more Tennessee cold mud....

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I've had Moso shoots survive temps down to 32F and several times they survived frosts.

In a pot, it may be more susceptable to freeze damage. Mine has not started shooting yet, but it is the first to shoot every year, so I am watching it closely.

The plastic will help protect the new shoots and will probably be enough cover to keep them from freezing, but it depends on how long the cold spell lasts and if it actually gets colder than 38F or not.

Good Luck


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Ok,thank you for your reply.

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