Lakatan Banana

wannabeewarm(8)February 26, 2013

I am new at Banana growing. I acquired a ( I am told ) Lakatan Banana. It is in a 10 in pot and is better than four ft tall at this moment. I have had it since Oct of 12. I have read as many of the post as I can but I never see anything on A Lakatan. I kinda abused it when I got it I didn't water it for almost a month and had to cut the center leaves off as they were broken. I trimmed it down to just 2 leaves. now in the last month it has put on 3 leaves an a fourth coming. I'm wondering at the rate of growth should I try re=potting or when should I re-pot It is in the house and I do have app 12 ft high space for it. Any and all comments welcome. PS I now am hooked and ordered a couple of Dwarf Cavendish

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As you can see bananas are quite resilent and jump back quickly after abuse. Only repot it when the container is filled with roots. Bananas tend to be fast growers compared to other plants. The bananas I have had bloomed around the two year mark.

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I agree with GardenHelp--repot it only when the plant seems to big too sit in the pot.


I'm curious about the bananas that gave you fruit around the two year mark. Did you have them in the pot or in the ground? And what variety was it that had fruited for you? I've grown many varieties, but haven't seen all of them fruited. Some did.

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Thanks Garden Help and Banana Fan I'm heeding your advice all is well for the moment . I now bought three Thai Blacks for out side. Waiting for a little warmer weather before I plant them we shall see.

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