Gardener in Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

ccarrollApril 22, 2008

I know this is a long shot, but I've asked around, and looked around, with no luck. I'm trying to find a low-end English-speaking gardener for my tiny patch of yard in the east valley. Any suggestions would be welcome.

By the way, I'm having tremendous problems with this site -problems logging in, problems with searches, problems navigating, etc. Isn't there any kind of help desk? I sent a query a couple of weeks ago, with no response.

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Depends on what you mean by low-end but if you email me on the side, I'll give your information to some people who do that type of work. They aren't registered, though, and that always bothers me. You can also come down to the Home & Landscape Show at the Fairgrounds this weekend and check out all the various landscapers that will be there.

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Have you found someone yet?

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Well if you call my wife and tell her what you need. I will spend the next 4 weekends in 115 temps redoing your backyard. I will not charge anything to do this, in fact I will spend $400 of my own money to make sure you get everthing you want but can not afford. If this sounds like a good deal then give her a call. Her cell # is 1-800-myhubby is a softy. Wait I forgot I did get dinner at Outback :)

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