Nandina - Heavenly bamboo !!! Yellow spots on leaves !!! Help !!!

vagcelMarch 12, 2007


I bought a nandina/heavenly bamboo a few weeks ago. It's planted in a ceramic vase (30 cm diameter) and I've put it on my balcony faced to North. It takes morning sun.

I fertilized it with 2 osmocote 14-14-14 tablespoons (spreaded it on soil surface), and I'm putting a tablespoon of a liquid fertilizer (biofert plus) once a week in a gallon of water and use it to all plants I have in my balcony (including my new baby !!!).

All of them seems to be very happy with this sort of feeding. They look gorgeous, except my nandina.

I noticed a lot of yellow spots on the leaves. Some leaves seems to lose color too (pale green except for the green leaves veins). This problem is happening specially on bottom leaves. Despite this I noticed a new stem emerging from the main branch.

What could be happening ? Is it a newbie stress, since it got transplanted a few weeks ago? All water I use I put a day before in a bucket to prevent chlorosis. This fertilizer dose I use never harmed any plant I have. Please, I need some help. I always wanted this plant and I won't lose it so easily.

Thank you very much.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You might want to try posting in the Shrubs forum. Nandina, despite the popular name of "Heavenly bamboo," is not a bamboo.

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I have only grown them outside, but when they were in shade they did terrible, once i moved them into full sun they improved greatly, so maybe your plant is not getting enough light??


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