Senecio Anteuphorbium / Swizzle Sticks

Houndhome(Phoenix Az (9b))April 14, 2013

Hi Everyone - Finally took a trip to Bakers today, wow what fun! Anyway, we ran across this succulent and wanted to see if anyone had any experience growing this here in Phoenix. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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I bought a nice 1 gal at the DBG fall sale. Its growing, in the plastic pot, pretty well on my patio under shade sails. Im waiting to see what it likes before planting it, if ever. In the fall and winter i had it more in the sun, though never full. Just moved it today out of morning sun and back more in the shade as the leaves were getting a bit yellow. I was watering when dry, by my meter, at first, but seems to want and grow better with a bit more water, especially now.
This was from a CA grower, so i suspect will take some adjustment time. At the sale they had a really big one in a 15 gal pot that was spectacular. Ive also seen one in the ground in Laguna Beach that was 3' in diameter and 3 to 4' tall. Thats a pretty moist environment.
I like it a lot. Will have to see how it does this summer. Two issues: it cant take cold well from what ive read. Also, when we had that infestation of the little caterpillars that decmated bouganvillas in the fall, I found one munching this plant quite happily. Im thinking i may keep it as a container plant.
I wouldn't hesitate to try one in a container. Also, i think that Boyce Thompson has one from a picture i saw on line.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Neat! I hope you both send lots of updates on how they do for you long-term. Happy gardening!

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The DBG has several large specimens in containers in mostly shade. I was told by one of their instructors that these are summer dormant and should not be watered once the night temps and humidity rise.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has gotten one through the summer before.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Good information, dstefan, thanks for posting it. How is your plant looking so far this summer? Keep us posted, all!

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