Ant poison that works needed!!!!!!

zone10aridgardenerApril 21, 2010

Does anyone know a homemade ant poison other than windex that will kill arizonas pesky spring and summer ants??

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It's not homemade, but the only thing I've found that really works is Amdro. I wouldn't put it anywhere near something you'll be eating, but the ants are gone in 24 hours.

If there's specific areas you don't want the ants, you can plant catnip or spread shredded cedar. They don't seem to like either one.

I've also heard Borax is a good non-toxic ant killer (check the laundry detergent aisle). Spread the powder or make a solution and spray.

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Borax or boric acid will build up in the dirt and start causing problems because boron is toxic to plants when it is excessive. (necessary, but you can overdose them)

I use AMDRO for those ant hills that are causing me problems when I garden, such as the ones right where I need to walk to harvest.

If they are foraging where I don't want them - not a problem now that there is no pet food outside - I spray the trails with ammonia diluted into water (Windex!)

If they are tending aphids on my plants, I let the aphids have a dose of oil/soap spray to kill them.

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I will be sure to test it out. Thanks for the help.

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Baby powder actually works to stop them. I don't think it kills them. We have kids and had an ant invasion. Someone said to try baby powder and we used the lavender scented baby powder and it actually worked.

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goto the garden section at frys, and buy some of dave the garden guy's diatomaceous earth insect control.. it's food grade so it wont harm your plants or animals, you can actually eat it (but i wouldn't advise it) and dont ingest it.. just sprinkle it down like you would borac acid and the diatomaceous earth cuts through the ant's exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate.. its the only "mechanical" insecticide and is guaranteed to work

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