Garden Projects?

mangledmind(AZ 9B)April 29, 2011

Whatcha up to in the garden?

Working on getting the tomatoes tied ... and a trellis for vining squash ... possibly another garden box, have a soil experiment I want to try out ...

How about ya'll?

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Trying to get all the gardens (6 of 'em) on drips with timers. Hope to get some zucc's and spaghetti squash planted this weekend. Pulled out all the beets and lettuce to make room for tepary beans......which have not sprouted. The buggers.

Here's a bush bean that *is* doing well.

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Well lets see whats on the still have to do list.

Pull two trees that are not happy and plant two trees in their places.

Plant three apple trees and eight fig trees.

Install the last bean trellis. Its already built but needs to be put in place.

Build and install two trellises for vining squash plants.

Build and install a tomato trellis for the four Juliet tomato plants.

Tie the tomatoes in the big tomato trellis. This has to be done every 3-4 days and its been a week already. Man tomatoes grow fast.

Move the shade structure over the big tomato trellis so the tomatoes can cascade down the side of the trellis rather than sprawling on top of the shade cloth.

Plant the last of the melon seedlings.

Finish the drip irrigation for the garden and start installing the drip irrigation for the trees.

Sell the go-karts to make room for the compost heap.

Mulch the garden and the trees.

Spray the garden and trees for pests and the tomatoes for pests and fungus.

Fertilize all the trees.

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Fixing one of my drip irrigation systems.

It runs the lawn sprinklers and the raised veggy beds ... kinda critical.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Fun updates and pics--keep us posted on your projects.

The only real garden project I've had lately has been to SERIOUSLY trim back a very large, very overgrown 'Improved Meyer' lemon--it was a hellacious job and I got scratched like I'd been in a cat fight each day.

I also thinned down massive twin Agave americanas which had been left on their own for decades before I started this garden a few years ago. The pups and grandpups and great grandpups had made an impenetrable, vicious clump fifteen feet across. It took several hours on several weekends to get it thinned down to the main two plants. Thank goodness for iron worker gloves, eye goggles (too many pointed leaves pointing in every direction to do it without them) AND a nice long serrated bread knife for cutting off leaves. It's still a mess, but better--plus it leaves me a bit of room to plant more goodies. Frankly I'd been hoping some agave weevils would move in and kill them, LOL! I found homes for all but the tiniest of the pups.

Take care and good luck with the projects everyone!

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