Fresh Mulberries

euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)April 16, 2011

I've had a mulberry tree in front of the house for several years, it was growing along with hibiscus and never did much other than get cut back frequently. This fall, I removed all the hibiscus, didn't cut the mulberry back. I figured I had a sterile tree, so I bought a seedling of another type of Mulberry and put it about 3 feet away.

Well, the tree fruited, like crazy! And they are delicious, I haven't had fresh mulberry in years, since I was in SE Asia. Wondering why we never see the fresh fruit in stores? I imagine it has a pretty short shelf life and is pretty delicate. They are a great little treat, going to get the ladder out tomorrow to harvest the stuff up high.

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Yum, i've been thinking of getting a mulberry tree but didn't know if it grew well in Phoenix.

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They grow very well here, very underrated tree. Takes full sun, cold, bad soil. Ive got a few extras in 5 and 15 gallon containers. Oscar, Pakistani, White. Big trees if needed

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They are very delicate, and don't ship at all.

Enjoy them, as will the birds.

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I have two small Illinois Everbearing trees. One I purchased online two years ago as a "Large Grafted Tree" that was about .25" in diameter. The other I purchased online this year that was 5/8" and its already bigger than the earlier purchased tree. I also have some Pakistan and Shangri La cuttings growing in mini-tree pots.

I hope to have mulberries next year.

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

I caught the birds feasting this morning, I got the ladder out and grabbed all the ripe ones. About half the berries are unripe so I will have some fruit in the future. Glad I didn't cut it back, its providing needed afternoon shade on my dragon fruit plants.

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There are male and female mulberry trees. Way back at our first home we had a male mulberry and next door was a female mulberry. Every year the female was loaded with fruit, which only the birds ate and left lovely red stained dropping on my cool deck. But we loved our mulberry tree.
Actually sometime in the 90's Phoenix passed the Airborne Pollen Ordinance which restricted the planting of male Mulberry and Olive trees, and requires regular bermuda grass to be kept mowed. Consequently I have not seen mulberry trees for sale locally since then. And all bermuda grass available is a hybrid.
Mullberry trees are wonderful shade.
Good luck fighting the birds for some fruit.

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phxplantaddict: What area of town are you located? I'd love to get a mulberry tree. Must you have both male and female? How big do they get? Need a shade tree too so that would accomplish both godd eatin' and shade.

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Im in north Phx. You do not need both. Mine are already fruiting in pots. Beautiful trees. Nice big tropical leaves but take our full sun.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

There are some Mulberry trees that are supposed to be self fruitful like Black Beauty (15'), Persian (30'), Teas Weeping(12') and White Fruiting. Even if you don't get a self fruitful one, I was told by a nurseryman that there are still a lot of male mulberries in the Valley and the pollen is carried for miles. Male mulberry trees produce copious amounts of pollen and that was a reason that they are banned here. I see the older male mulberry trees all over the place.
I planted a bare root Teas Weeping about a month ago and I already have some fruit and it doesn't even have that many leaves yet.
Another thing is that if you are worried about staining, supposedly, the Pakistan Mulberry is non-staining.

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Pakistan, Illinois Everbearing and Shangri La are all self-fruitful.

The main complainants given to Mulberries besides pollen from male trees are staining berries and staining bird droppings. Another problem is that new fast growing seedlings sprout where the birds leave their droppings. Pakistan and white mulberries are none staining. Illinois Everbearing fruit do not have seeds but they do stain.

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