Moso starting to shoot

sandnskrubMarch 21, 2010

The Moso is starting to shoot, at least the one I got from

Ebay. The Anderson Moso is still just setting there , its been in the ground for Three Years but no new shoots.

Does it take several years to get the roots established?

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forgot to add link for picts

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It does take a few years for the plant to become established but that shouldn't affect the shooting time.

Each plant will put up shoots when it's ready to, and yours, being from different clones, may put up shoots at different times.

It's nothing to worry about. My Moso should be shooting any day now also.


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To me it seems like a plant that skips shooting one year is fine. A plant that skips shooting two or three years in a row -- something might be wrong. Have you noticed rhizome growth? If you've noticed new rhizomes, then I wouldn't worry. If you have not seen any evidence of new rhizomes, then something is going on.

Is it getting enough sun? Do you fertilize it? Does it get enough water? Was it a well-rooted plant with plenty of rhizome mass when you planted it? If it did not have any viable buds on the rhizome, then it won't produce any new rhizomes or culms ever.

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Thanks for the info,the Anderson clone put up a couple of large shoots the year or the year after it was transplanted,
but they only came up about the height of the ones that are coming up on the other one now. Those shoots died and I thought that the root system could not support the new shoots or the cold weather could have damaged them.
It gets sun and shade through out the day as the other one.
I have water on timer ,same as other.
fertilize with chicken manure , same as other.
only difference is the Anderson clone is within 12 feet of a chicken pin..and a older grove of golden bamboo.
I think I have seen rhizome growth from this plant as it was a hoop up out of the ground and then back in.
Haven't noticed that with golden.
Root ball was about 2.5 foot circle cut with a battery sawzall and a 12 blade, Root ball rolled out with bars and put in trash bag and wrapped for the 2 hour ride home.

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

looks a little like mine but it has sent up new culms every season... just not showing signs that its running at all. A nice tight clumping Moso is what I still have. :-)

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Anderson Moso has finally started to shoot,
found this this morning

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Anderson shoots for me about a week later than regular moso.

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