How/When Are You Using Captan?

mikep_cfl(z9b FL)March 17, 2010

I just purchased Captan 50 Wettable Powder and I'm reading the instructions.

I purchased it to control rot in a few bulbs; it was a really cold/damp winter in Florida this year and a few of my bulbs need surgery and treatment with a fungicide.

I seem to recall reading that a few of you make a "paste" and apply it to your bulbs but I'm not sure if that was apllied to sections of the bulbs where rotted areas had been removed or before planting, in general.

Is it useful as a soil drench around the bulb?

Does anyone spray it on seedlings to control/prevent damping off?



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I would never protect seedlings through fungicides. Because, you might rescue some specimens that are prone to fungus diseases. That means, you exclude selection according to one viability property namely fungus resistance. Generally you get them seeds and seedlings IN ABUNDANCE, respectively. So, do not miss the OCCASION to kind of perform the selection upon "survival of da fittest"

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When I use Captan I usually use it on areas that had rotted and when I put it on the area that has been cleaned up it is usually wet and it sort of makes its own paste. If there are any areas on the bulb that are suspect I use it, let the bulb dry after using for several days before planting. I have also trimmed the basil plate on a few bulbs and I dusted those also with Captan. Seems to work fine have saved 2 bulbs from severe rot and 3 trimmed basil plates and all seem to be doing fine. Just be careful you don't breath any of that stuff in!! Good Luck!


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I routinely spray about 3 times per year as rust is a HUGE problem for all amaryllids have to treat or lose your plants to unsightly blotches. In the Worsleya world almost everyone routinely waters there seedlings with a fungicide (camomille tea is excellent according to the experts) for the first year to prevent losing them......survival is the goal, not just for the very few % that would hang on without this treatment.....Hippis are different though....they reproduce like bunnies :o) Dan

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