Really BIG Banana

miamimax(z 10-11 FL)March 28, 2007

How's this for a large banana tree? Musa Ingens, native to Borneo. Any idea where to obtain a sucker of this one? The 'little' suckers on this tree are the size of most mature Musa!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Musa Ingens

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miamimax(z 10-11 FL)

Correction; Native to Papua New Guinea, and its a seeded inedible variety. Largest herb in the world!

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Imagine if it fell on you. =)

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I could mulch my whole yard with its litter.


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miamimax(z 10-11 FL)

About 20 years ago I remember seeing a HUGE banana growing next to the river below the Crystal Palace restaurant at Disney World. At the time I thought it must be a Giant Pisang, I had never seen a Giant Pisang and didnt know of any other really big Musa. I saw it from the bridge over the river which was a good 40' drop. The banana was almost at eye level and the trunk was immense. I'm wondering now if it could have been M. Ingens. Unfortunately it isn't there anymore and hasn't been for years.

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im intrigued..ive grown bananas now for 3 yrs..had great
sucess..overwintering over 24 this winter..:)
does anyone know where i can buy viable seed of
musa ingens..or musa boman? always on outlook for
trying my hand at something challenging..
much thanks...

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srewolf(9 East Central Florida)

You would think with all the people looking for seeds of the Musa Ingens that someone would have's not rare!

It might be worth MY while to get a ticket to PNG and get some...LOL

Here I go again, if someone knows where to find some please do tell

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