Overwintering first year velutina

girlndocs(8 WA)March 8, 2007


This year I'm installing an M. velutina pup in a large (24") pot on the porch. I'm near Seattle.

Come the autumn I don't think I want to risk leaving it out. In the ground, maybe, but not in a pot ... right? I understand dormant storage to be chancy for younger plants, though, would I want to avoid digging it up like that after only one summer?

Could I try and store it dormant in my unheated laundry room or garage by dragging in the pot and then cutting back on water? Would I be better off sewing a "banana case" from something insulating and covering it out on the porch?

Or am I going to have to try and grow it inside all winter in that huge pot in my dry house?



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