jardinerowaMarch 23, 2008

Hey all,

I have some bananas that in containers and on one, the new leaf was looking great until today when I see it is crisped on the ends. Another small one just planted two weeks ago has become yellow from the outside in just today.

It is definitely spring here in Phoenix with temps in the mid 80s during the day for the last week or so but I wonder why they would do change today? Is it something else?

After this, I put a partial bamboo shade to protect my plants from the horrid sun come the dead of winter, but maybe it will help even now.

Pictures attached... There are two, click "next" to see the other one.


Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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Here's the other pic

Here is a link that might be useful: 2nd pic

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I think a bit more info is required. Are these being grown in those containers outside? Were they indoors before. Were they hardened off? I don't grow bananas (yet) but have been reading up on them, seems they need the soil to be/stay moist, so have they been getting enough water?
Hopefully this message moves back up to the top so someone more knowledgeable sees it and replies with a better answer!

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Are you keeping them as indoor plants? The soil looks damp. Do you allow the soil to dry between watering? Especially if you keep them indoors, you might want to watch out for overwatering. Even though bananas love lots of water, the soil must be allowed to dry off first (1-2" from soil level). If you have such nice warm weather outside, it would be nice to bring them out. With small plants like these, they would need some protection from strong direct sun. Put them in some semi shade place first if you should decide to move them out. When they are bigger, you can move them to a more sunny spot. Do you plan to keep them in the pots or plant them in the ground? I've been playing with banans for a few years now. I've learned a little of what they like and don't, but sure there's still much to observe and learn. Hope this helps.

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Hey thanks for the replies.

These bananas are all outside and never were indoors. It's mid 80s during the day and like low to mid 50s at night. The new nanners I got from a store have not grown at all in the last three weeks... I'm wondering if they're gonna make it.

My super dwarf cavendish is growing well but I wish I had a larger banana. How do you maximize height and growth in a container? Also, does anyone know where I can inexpensive 25 gallon (or so) containers?


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Most bananas are ok with 50s at night. If the day temperature shoots up to 80s, there should be signs of some new growth already. Did you recently transplant your new nanners after you bought them? Sometimes after transplanting, it takes them a little while to re-establish themselves in the pot.

Super dwarf cavendish grows very slowly, in fact too slow for my liking. The dwarf variety grows faster and can be kept in the pot. If they're kept in the pot, their growth will be slower than planting them in the ground. If you wish to see them grow quickly in a container, you could fertilize them regularly and of course give them lots of watering and letting them dry in between. I also top up my potted bananas with mulch to keep weeds away and prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

I bought some huge tubs from Family Dollars and drilled some holes in them to use as large plant containers. They come with two robe handle and I think I paid $5 for those tubs.

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