Cold- hariest Edible bananas

asacommMarch 24, 2007

Hi all,

It is known that the non-edible bananas such as Basjoo,

Sikkimensis, Velutina and some others are very cold-hardy

species. However it has not been very clear which edible

bananas are cold-hariest.

Through the experiences and experiments in this extra-

ordinary cold winter in CA and some parts of US, it is

gradually revealed which ones were cold-hardy.

From my understanding of the posts to the forum etc., it

seems that the following ranking will be conducted:

1. Dwarf Brazilian

2. California Gold

3. Misi Liki and Orinoco

4. Raja Puri

5. Icecream

My understanding might be wrong, so your own opinion shall

be welcome.


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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

From Joe Real:

I have basjoo and California Gold growing in pots and left them outside for the winter about three years ago. Potted plants are more susceptible to cold than when planted inground. Musa Basjoo died to the ground level and never came back while California Gold's stem remained intact and was among the first ones to sprout leaves during the late winter. Non-scientific tests. I bought about 85 known cultivars of bananas, spent around $2000 to collect them all, and when my wife booted me out of the third car garage, I left them all out in the cold winter, still potted. Only 24 plants survived that single non-replicated episode of non-scientific experiment. So without much ado, here's the result of my $2,000.00 worth of information:

Here's the listing of cold hardy bananas at their pseudostem during the winter. Arranged from the most reliable producer or cold hardiest to the milder ones, but all should be cold hardy at their pseudostems in most winters in zone 9. WARNING: Your mileage could vary depending on your microclimate arrangement in your yard.

ÂCalifornia Gold
ÂThousand Fingers
ÂMonkey Fingers
ÂGolden Rhinohorn
ÂDwarf Orinoco
ÂDwarf Brazilian
ÂMisi Luki
ÂRajah Puri (best tasting but often chokes)

ÂIce Cream
ÂGold Finger
ÂDwarf Namwah
ÂSweetheart (FHIA 3, best tasting cavendish, cold hadiest among the cavendish types)
ÂNamwah Pearl
ÂPraying Hands

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thanks Pitangadiego (and Joe Real) for the list,

I was glad to see 4 out of 5 of my "planted" bananas on the list. I was disappointed to not see pitogo on there. I wonder if it did poorly or just was not part of the experiment?

Thanks again for the answers (and the ?),


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Thanks for coming up with the list, Pitangadiego. So, how cold was that winter that killed your plants? Kru is a beautiful plant, but after the last cold spell of mid 30's, it really didn't like it at all. Most of my bananas are planted along the north end of my yard as that is where it's most spacious. It would have been better if I planted them on the south side, but my storage sheds are all over there. I'm going to have to try to get the more sensitive ones somehow over to the south end just to keep them out of trouble the next cold season.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Those were Joe's bananas, not mine. My coldest temp in 20+ years is 38. Kru, as with all reds, does not take well to cold. Below 40 (maybe even 45) it will barely survive a winter.

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Your info about Kru helps. I'll move its pup it to the south end where there's more protection there. Will have to leave the mother plant there because she's too big now.

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I live in Central Alabama. I was born and raised in Central Florida and one of the things that I greatly miss is being able to go out and pick my own ripe banana's off of my trees.
Is there any good edible banana's that will grow here in central AL.?
Also, where is a good reputable place to purchase them.
I have a sandy clay loom here by Lay Lake. I use compost extensively, and I grow all my fruits and vegatables organically.
I just miss those banana's.
When it is stated a heavy mulch for winterization, how thick should the mulch be.
I have truck loads of rotted horse manure.
I also miss my citrus fruit, but thats another story.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2007 at 2:38PM
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