Pomegranite dropping blossoms/fruit

wft1612April 9, 2009

I have a new 15 gal Wonderful Pomegranite tree planted last fall. It leafed out this spring and is producing many blossoms and young fruit but they are ALL falling off. The largest "fruit" was about 1" diameter before falling off. I currently water it for 40 minutes, every 9 days and it has good drainage. The leaves appear very healthy (green and shiny) and lots of blossoms blooming.

Is it normal for all/most of the blossoms/fruit to fall off? Is the tree too small to produce significant fruit crop? Might I be watering too much or too little?

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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jolmos(9/Sunset 13/AZ)

it is takes awhile for them to really start producing.(1-2 years). If your leaves are healthy shiny and green, then you are doing things right. Don't forget to factor in the amount of wind we had. If it is timed wrong, or your plant is just in the "right" spot, many of the blossoms may have been blown off.
It may take awhile for them to get a better root system, and thus not as much energy is being put into reproduction.
Happy gardening

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Tell us more about your watering system. Drip? If so, how many emitters and what GPH? Bubblers? Hose? I agree with jolmos but think it is also worth examining your watering schedule further.

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My watering schedule is currently 40 minutes every 9 days. The tree is supplied by a drip irrigation with 3 adjustable drip tips (adjustable 0 - 10 gph each). I estimate that it probably gets 9-12 gallons in each watering cycle. The soils is the typical heavy clay, but there is an irrigation drain pipe nearby so the surrounding area (within 4-5 ft) drains well.

Thanks for any replies/recommendations!

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jolmos(9/Sunset 13/AZ)

Mine did better with just a "bit" more watering. I use a soaker hose about 1x/7days or so, I think you are doing fine when you do water...don't get me wrong...Poms don't like wet feet. They (and most trees even the desert adapted) just like to be babied a bit for their first year or so in life...

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