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shinola01(z9 Melbourne FL)March 11, 2008

I have been trying to identify a bamboo variety I have seen twice now at theme parks in Orlando. It is tall, straight as an arrow, with blue-ish green culms. The segments are long, extremely straight, and pretty smooth across the boundaries. The clumps are tight and I have seen up to 3, maybe 3 1/4" diameter culms, reaching heights of 30+ feet.

I have now seen it all over Disney animal kingdom and more recently (but less abundant) at sea-world.

I have several varieties here in coastal Brevard and would like to add this one. I like the tall straight growth so that it doesn't encroach on neighbors air-space. Any help identifying would be appreciated.



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B. oldhamii has the most erect growing culms that I know of.

B. chungii has a bluish colour to them, and the culms are straight, erect and have very long internodes.

Another possibility may be B. textilis, and some of it's varieties.

Can you post some photos, that would be very helpful?


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