Potted bananas

lablover4everMarch 13, 2007

I want to put them outside to get them out of dormancy but big pots are so heavy for a small girl. Will night lows of 45 be too low?


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nice to see you on the banana forum also. I have a couple outside right now and we've had lows in the 40's. It is OK , however, they wont grow and they are subjected to root rot if you over water, etc. I have mine under a covered patio to keep the rain off of them.

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Hey again oppalm. Yes I have bananas too. Just love tropical plants of all kinds. You answered a question I had about rain but I saw this too late. Got almost 2 inches Friday and my bananas were outside. Brought them in yesterday cuz it went down into the 30's. Hope they don't rot! I hope to be pulling some out of the garage to plant this week.

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