Need Help with Buddha Belly Bamboo Care

tabemasu88March 17, 2011

How do I care for my Buddha Belly Bamboo (bambusa ventricosa)?

I heard you need to water less or maybe dry out the soil a bit of time to get the belly...

also you need not to put any fertilizer to bet the belly

and is it every year the bamboo will shoot out new baby bamboo at the base? is it i can divide this out by cutting it off from the mother bamboo?

what kind of soil do i need for them? Can i mix normal soil with perlite?

and they need good sunlight?

do i need to keep them in high humidity? My house is kind of dry, like 28% humid

also when to cut back my bamboo so they don't get too tall, fall or spring?

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I think you need to limit the water intake along with giving it full sun and hot weather if you really want to get the buddha bellies. On my ventricosas, I have only achieved a little bit of swelling during summer shoots, because you need the shoots to come up slowly in order to get the effect.

I think ventricosa can be divided by cuttings, and it is probably better to get it in the ground if you are living in zone 8 or warmer.

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what kind of soil mix you guys are using?

@.@ giving them less water and more sun will be better to slow down their growth?

what about trimming them?

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I have never trimmed my potted ventricosa before, but I believe in order to get the huge bellies, you need to get the plant upsized to a certain diameter. Once it is big enough less water and the most sun you can get it should allow it to put out its shoots slowly and strong, thus creating buddha bellies. I've seen buddha belly in Hong Kong at around 40ft tall before with culms at 6 inches towards the base so they can get huge.

I base most of my soil mix on peat moss and compost from various sources for all my bamboos. I generally grow running temperate kinds, but do have a few clumpers to mess around with.

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@.@ this sounds quite amazing...
40ft with 6 inch culms ah....

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Mine grew to 40 feet in height but only had 2.5 inch culms.

I can't get it to put on bellies planted in the ground...only in a pot.


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is it normal for this kind of bamboo to have culms at the very top?
cuz as i see, my bamboo's old culms on the main bamboo belly's body got cut and leaving dead nodes close to the main body....
so this is a way to get to belly big too?

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