Landscape ideas for privacy by a pool in AZ

granderonazMay 20, 2010


Recently purchased a home in the Foothills area. Has a great pool area with awesome views - but would like to have some privacy by it. Have one area of about 36 ft that we want to plant shrubs / hedges that will provide privacy without being too messy for the pool - which is about 25 ft away.

Any suggestions? Have read pros/cons of oleanders and am leaning towrds them, but would welcome advice.

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"Foothills"? Tucson?

Oleanders are messy - constantly dropping flowers and leaves.

Try Hopbush (Dodonea viscosa), which can be planted densely, and even sheared like a hedge. It's native, evergreen, dense, not as messy as oleanders, and attracts birds. The flowers are inconspicuous, but the seedpods are white or pink and look like flowers.

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I always say Seville oranges. they make an awesome hedge, grow very fast, they're evergreen and not messy.

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mangledmind(AZ 9B)


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Italian cypress planted fairly close together. They grow very tall and are clean.

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