Phyllostachys aureosulcata F

kevip711(8a)April 7, 2007

Anyone growing this boo? It is supposed to size up to about 2 inches in diameter possibly a bit larger. I have had it planted about 4 yrs and put it in as a size 3 when I purchased it. I get plenty of new shoots each year. This year tons of new shoots, it even broke out of its barrier at multiple places. My dissapointment is its size. From year 2-4 there has been no increase in its diameter at all. Its about 1/2 inch in diameter. The boo is pretty and makes a great screen but the size of the diameter is terrible. Anyone have any experience in growing this boo and if will ever increase in size? All my other boos increase each year but this one..

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is that the name - aureosulcata f? never heard of that one, what were you told about it when you obtained it? i have 6 different forms of aureosulcata, there is some disagreement about nos 7 & 8 being legimate forms so i've held off on those, but never heard of the f.

of my 6 the harbin almost seems so different that it appears to be a non-aureosulcata form and it also is slow to size up compared to the others.

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Yes that the name it was sold under. If you a image search on google you should get some pics. I think I got from but I could be wrong. They stated 2-2.5 inch in diameter and had a very nice pic of a mature grove. Its not hard to find the pic on the net as its the biggest diameter pic I have ever seen on it.. I did buy a larger yellow culm varity this year to mix with what I have as I was so upset its so small. At some point if it never gets bigger I can cut it out and let the bigger diameter boo take over..

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ah, i see, you have to ignore the 'f' it is merely part of 'proper' bamboo naming convention and it means form (forma) so the actual form name of the plant you bought comes after the 'f'. you'll see names like Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. 'Spectabilis' or Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. 'Aureocaulis', so the 'f' is just saying 'this is a form of aureosulcata named X'. do you recall what came after the f.?

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F Was the last letter, I may be missing a word before F though..

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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis' F is the actual name

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o.k. you have the aureocaulis form, the F can be ignored,it should size uplike any other phyllostachys. i think that 2 inches at maturity may be a bit of a stretch but near fetched anyway, 1.5 may be more like it. 4th year shoots this year or was last year the 4th year? I would think that 4th year shoots in a good location from a decent sized original rootball, with no winter kill should be .75 inches or so, yours doesn't sound too far off. if it is staying the same size as prior years, then I guess I would wonder if it is getting good sunlight, adequate water, any supplemental feeding, is it possible that voles are eating the rhizomes and cutting them into smaller pieces which would prevent them from storing enough energy to size up.

probably everything is fine, but those are things to think about.

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.25 and .50 is what I have, this year is the 4th in the ground at my house. 1-1.5 would be fine, if thats what I got this year. Gets tons of sun, water and fert.. almost to much sun.. Attached is my boo link, shows pretty much year to year...

Here is a link that might be useful: Boo

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heck, your aureocaulis looks fine - about the right size, you'll not see an inch out of it for another couple of years. not much will size up as fast as dulcis among the runners, it puts energy into large culms rather than large quantity of culms. your clumpers will size up fast as well. nice looking bamboo you have going there!

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I did mix in a couple of culms of Phyllostachys aureosulcata vivax this year, which should catch up to the other and grow some larger culms. At that time I will probably prune away all the small culms I have now..

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