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shari13May 14, 2008

Where can I get ideas of what to do with the yard that does not involve plants scattered through a mess of gravel or grass lawn? I have tried asking on the landscape design forum but I fear it is a bit off-topic as most folks don't deal with gravel "yards". I'm thinking maybe ideas with enlarging patio, using pavers or flagstone, or some other forms of decoration. Books? Pics? Suggestions who to call?

Thanks for any suggestions. I need the ideas as I'm horrible at picturing things in my mind and can't very well go around knocking on doors saying, excuse me, can I look at your back yard to see if I like it!?

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Go find a copy of a book Sunset recently published called 'Gardening in the Southwest'. We got a load of great ideas from it and it is readily available in bookstores and local libraries...

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Thanks, not sure if I've read that one or not. I've requested it from my library.

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No problem! We found the Desert Botanic Garden in Papago Park to be a good source of ideas, as well...

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