Planting Oldhamii

fluffy_bamboo(Zone 9)April 15, 2007

I have a planter in the front of my house that is about 12' x 2 1/2' and I was thinking about putting Oldhamii at each end. Do you think this is enough space? I know they are clumpers but do you think I should have some sort of barrier to keep them in some sort of size control? I was told that I could top them to the height that I want but I kind of hate to do that. I guess I am a little scared of the size but I love the bamboo. I saw them at my Home Depot in a 15 gallon for $75.00 and they were big. They are also at a local nursery for $89.00 in 15 gallon and they were already very tall. I alreay have Black, Golden, Alfonse Karr, Fernleaf and a small Weeping Bamboo and wanted to add a different type. I could use your ideas. Thank you.

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I have Oldhamii planted in 14-inch pots, and it has grown to 22 feet tall.

My inground Oldhamiis have spread to a clump diameter of about six feet after several years in the ground. It will probably grow faster and taller in your area. Mine are 40 feet tall and have 4 inch culms.


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Mine doesnt spread much at all, I dont even bother to put up any barrier for it.. the top growth dies off every year though in my zone which is a bit sad as I like this boo and its growth rate in size from year to year.

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I have my Oldhamii in almost the same size space (15' x 2 1/2') and it's doing fine in that space after 4 years. I would have preferred a little more than 2 1/2 feet though.

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suprdude, how tall did your oldhamii grow in that small narrow space?

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