New Grower - Wintering Potted Basjoos

appledecoMarch 18, 2009

Hello, Everyone.

In a couple weeks I will be receiving my first 2 Basjoos. I plan to pot them and set them in my south facing, Oklahoma City courtyard.

My concern right now is how should I winter them? I'd prefer to leave them outdoors if it is at all possible (I have no room in my itty bitty townhome, so I would have to take them to my mother's garage if I went that route). I've read over and over about heavily mulching them with something that will keep them dry, then covering them with plastic, but I don't know if this will do me any good if they're in a pot.

Will they survive if I mulch them really well, cover them with plastic, wrap packing foam around the pot and possibly cover them with a tarp?

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Do you have a spot outdoors where you can bury the pot just for the winter? If so, you could plant your basjoo inside a cheap black plastic nursery pot. That pot would then be planted inside a decorative pot for the growing season (i.e. pot-inside-a-pot).

When the cold weather rolls around, remove the black plastic pot and banana plant from the decorative pot and then bury the pot in the ground.

You can now over-winter your plant outdoors as you would any other inground basjoo in your zone.

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Thanks so much for responding. Unfortunately, with the limited growing space I have, I wouldn't be able to bury the Basjoo for the winter.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Do you have a crawl space under your house? That is where I keep my bananas in the winter.

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