Will these bulbs grow in hot climate?

khabbab(10b)May 10, 2013


I just received following bulbs from some friends in UK. Can some one tell me if they will grow good in my hot climate. I am in winter hardiness zone 10b (winter is short and mild) and my summers are very hot and dry from May-June (constant temps of 40-45C) and humid hot months from July-August (monsoon). Should i wait and plant them in fall (the usual time we plant most bulbs) or plant them right away?

1- Galtonia candicans
2- Crocosmia emily mckenzie
3- Nerine alba
4- TRITELEIA laxa corrina

I am posting this in arizona gardening forum because my summer is similar to southern high heat areas of arizona, at least per my knowledge.

Lahore, Pakistan

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The only one I have grown is the Nerine alba, and it was in afternoon shade with deep watering occasionally - it was in the same planting as the Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star of Bethlehem).

http://desert-tropicals.com/ has a large collection of what has been grown (or not) in Arizona's low desert.

http://desert-tropicals.com/Plants/sci_names.html has the links to the scientific names.

sunset.com also has a plant search that might help you find growing conditions.

Keep in mind that when most garden sites say "full sun" they don't mean full Pakistani or Arizona desert sun. They mean full sun in England or San Diego. Morning sun and afternoon shade usually works well for non-native plants in the desert.

I know the Galtonia likes it moist and slightly shady, others might prefer dry summer and wet autumn.

I'd plant them in pots this year and do a bit of research in your local gardening community. Someone might be growing them near you.

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