Fungus on a Dwarf Banana

cponakMarch 31, 2009

I've had a Dwarf Cavendish for almost a year, now. I over wintered in my laundry room which is unheated but due to the water heater in there, the temperature stays above freezing in the room. The banana plant is in a huge container. Last October, I cut the main stalk to about 6" above the corm as instructed on this website. I kept two pups out of seven still attached to mom. I watered occassionally and not in excess over the winter months. Now, I 've been bringing outside to acclimate the tree to the weather and bringing it in when it goes below fifty degrees. I'm finding a white fungus? on the edge of the leaves that have unfurled and it looks like it starts on the outside and works in towards the center of the leaf. I checked for mites but have not seen any and the fungus is not stringy looking as described in some of the posts I have read. What do I need to do about wiping out this fungus and save the corm and pups?

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