Fargesia seed

treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNYApril 14, 2010

Hi All,

There are two clumps of Fargesia flowering near me, I think nitida and possibly murielae. The stamens just started hanging out of the flowers. This is my first experience with bamboo seed. My questions:

1) when do I know the seed is ripe/ready to harvest?

2) are there any special germination tips such as scarification, sowing immediately, cold treatment, etc.?

3) can the seed be stored after collection, how best to store it, and for how long will it remain viable in storage?

Any help is appreciated!

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1) When the seed falls off when the branches are shaken.
2) Bamboo seed usually loses viability rather quickly, so the seeds should be planted quickly.
3) Storing the seed in your refrigerator can prolong the amount of time it remains viable. But I would recommend distributing and planting quickly.

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Instead of shaking the branches, you can also gently touch the seeds and if they fall off they're ripe. It's a little more controlled than shaking. You're not trying to pull the seeds off, just knock them off if they're ready.

I had a few nitida seeds that I kept in the fridge over the Winter, and got about 30% germination. I'm not certain how many of the seeds were viable to being with, as some of them were pretty small/thin. The nice fat seeds are the good ones.

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