dwarf cavendish resurrected!!

Cory DMarch 21, 2013

Hello All! This is my first time posting and I am looking for some help. So... I have a dwarf cavendish in the ground in south east phoenix metro area. As Im sure everyone knows we had a rough winter and when I thought it was gone I woke up to temperatures at 27 in the back yard. In saying that one of my main stalks were uncovered and after a few days looked pretty bad. Soo about a week ago I decided to go out and start pruning everything and with that I purposely cut the stalk in half (with intentions of coming back and cutting it closer to the group). Well I come back a few days later and it looked like it was contracting. I thought well whatever, I am still watering the others around it. But I come out this morning and it looks like a leaf is coming out. Is this normal? Has anyone ever heard of this?? And will it still produce fruit? Thanks in advance I look forward to your response!


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Sure. That is how bananas work, they come up from their rhizome. My place hit 17F and all I had was frost cloth over them so I knew they would die back to the root. Both my Grand Nam and Raja Puri are now a small leaf poking up. Still It gets too cold at my place to likely bother with bananas any more. I might pot them as soon as i get the rest of my place in line.

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Cory D

lol yea i know they can do that, but I am saying it regrew from within the same stalk that was half cut off. Does that make sense?

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yes alot of people do this to keep the size down if they have to bring them indoors for winter. If you do it just right you can get a 2ft plant to flower and produce fruit. just have to be careful not to cut the bud in the stem when it starts to flower.

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Cory D

wow thats pretty neat!!!! Thanks mike, I had no idea!

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