Bamboo Swap

lassieloviestotoMay 31, 2007


I'm a bamboo guy in Phoenix.

Got some great punting pole (clumper)

and vivax (aggressive runner) plants.

They do well in all AZ temps. Have

been down to 12 degree F and up to

116 degree F and are alive and well

During the coldest days, I ran a fan

on them to keep the air flowing.

The vivax is good down to -5F so it's

never a problem

Punting Pole burns some leaf tips over

105F and loses leaves at 20F and lower

but not significant.

Both types have large culms (stalks)

with the PP at around 2 - 2.5 max

and the vivax up to 5 -6 inches.

Would like to trade for some Moso

or other large culms species.

Like to hear from other Phoenix growers.

I am working on in vitro growing with

some success.

Talk soon.


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I don't have any bamboo to swap, but I would be interested if you have any for sale. One of the ideas I have been throwing around with my hubby is starting a bamboo garden. If you have any for sale, shoot me an email.


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I'm looking for bamboo poles of at least 3" diameter and 10' in length. Any idea where I might find them? Thanks!

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If you are still trading bamboo. I would love to talk with you. I live in Gilbert AZ. Please email me at


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