apg4March 13, 2013

...I've got bananas. Or rather, plantains....

My grove of Orinocos produced one bunch of fruit with eight or so 'hands' with six to eight fruits per hand. Harvested prior to the first frost in November, the fruits were initially hard as nails, so the bunch was placed in a plastic bag with several apples to aid the ripening. Residing in the greenhouse throughout the winter, all are now yellow and banana-soft.

I've researched recipes for plantains on-line, but most are for standard-sized fruit, not these little fingerlings...and they really don't have a lot of flavor. Any suggestions?

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

You can make Thai banana fritters, it usually uses mazano(apple), lady finger, etc... type banana but i've done it with yellow ripe regular plantains and they turned out just wonderful. The main point is to use firmer type bananas. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side or on top when it's still warm is also very good.

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Thanks. Ended up making Bananas Foster. Whole plantains sauteed in butter, brown sugar and a little cinnamon then flambeed with Myers spiced rum and served over ice cream.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

That sounds mighty good too mmmm mmmmm

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