Ice cream surprise

sputnikfarmMarch 8, 2007

I was surprised by how quickly my Ice creams ripened. I mean it took 6 months since it flowered, but I lost a hand or 2 because of splitting on the side facing away from view. I had just checked them last weekend and they were all green. Last night I caught a glimpse of the southeast side and they were YELLOW! Tricky boogers. I have another bunch that should be ready next week. I tasted one of the split ones and it did not appear to have been hurt by the frost that wiped out all my pups. Delish.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

holedigger, how do Ice Cream bananas taste in your own personal opinion? I've always wanted to taste one, but they don't sell the fruit here, at least not that I know of.

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Ice creams are small bananas, about half the size of the supermarket variety.They taste best when completely ripe. The peel should be leathery, completely yellow including the stem. I don't think they would travel well as they tend to bruise easy. I don't like the flavor when the stems are still green or once they start to brown. They are very sweet and dense, they almost have a vanilla taste at the back of the tongue. A very intense sweetness that you don't find in commercial bananas, but not really like vanilla ice cream. I only get to taste them approximately every march for a few weeks. This year we had flooky weather and they ripened before I had a chance to cut them down, which meant 10 hands of ripe fruit at one time. Usually, I cut down the bunch before any signs of yellowing and can have fruit for over a month.

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