Uncovering Musa Basjoo

capehlke(Canada 6A)March 13, 2007

I'm wondering when I uncover my Musa Basjoo.... Last fall I cut the trunk down to 3' wrapped it in bubble wrap then placed a barrel (with the bottom removed) over it and filled it with leaves. I just checked it today and it looks like about a foot of the trunk has gotten soft and mushy but from there on downward it feels firm and plump. I'm near Detroit so only starting to get above freezing over night temps now. Do I wait till the end of May (our traditional frost free date to uncover) or sometime before that?

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Plastic wrap holds moisture. When overwintering bananas, you don't want moisture to be held near the stalks during the winter. A better idea would be to wrap the stalks with layers of cotton towels. Then get some old tires and place them over the stumps. Fill up the tires with mulch. Then place an old towel over the stacked tires and then finally top with plastic on the OUTSIDE of the tires. Plastic against the stems will only encourage the water inside the cut trunks to stagnate and rot will occur. Try to cut off the mushy part now, re-wrap without plastic on the trunks and take everything off when heavy frosts are done for the season.

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