Over water / Under water / normal leaf transition?

tjchermackApril 22, 2008

Greetings! My experiment is coming together. Quick background -- I'm in Fort Collins, Colorado (Zone 5 ish) and I have planted 16 1 gallon phyllostachys atrovaginata (incense bamboo). The soil here is very dry, compact clay, so I imported a raised bed of topsoil and mixed in some compost.

I planted these babies on April 12, so they have been in the ground almost 2 weeks.

My question is about water. I'm not sure if I am over or underwatering. I know the leaves will curl up if they are dehydrated, but you can see in some of the pictures that some leaves are browning / yellowing.

I know this could also be from the transition to the new environment, normal leaf renewal, and we have had a few days of pretty big wind gusts.

So, in short, I'm just curious if anyone can verify from the pictures that I'm watering enough. My watering routine has been to water in the morning AND at night. It is SO dry here that the soil dries between morning and night, but then again, I could be overdoing it.... It seems that the raised bed drains very well, but I know the clay underneath does not drain well at all.

So, any advice would be most appreciated.

Check out the pics here:




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I have the same problem, my soil cooks during the day!
Stick your finger in the soil about an inch deep and see if it's moist. You want your soil that way, not a boiling pot of muddy water!
Keep it that way for a month or so until they establish.
Atro can take some drying out.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

So far, they look ok to me. It does not look like any generalized problem to me with either over- or under-watering. Those few leaves that are damaged could be from a number of other temporary things, like transplant shock, etc. Keep doing what you're doing; bamboo are pretty tolerant of moisture as long as they're not underwater. Also, get a couple inch layer of mulch in place to help retain moisture, and buy yourself a $6 moisture meter at Home Depot or equivalent to assess the situation accurately.

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