Do the fresh-cut leaves really smell like bananas?!

LibbyLizMarch 30, 2006

Okay, I've never grown a banana plant & I recently started working in a nursery/garden center. The greenhouses have banana plants, though I don't know what kind.

One of my coworkers was giving a tour to pre-school kids & brought them around to the tropicals greenhouse where I was working on a wholesale order.

She took a leaf off one of the plants & told them to smell it & asked them what it smelled like. They said "Bananas!" & she said "That's right!".

Was she just fooling with them, or do fresh-cut banana plant leaves smell like bananas?

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

News to me.

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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

Not in my experience. I have only been doing this a few years but have cut enough stalks to know. I always get a melon/cucumber smell. My wife agrees. Very nice and fresh, makes you almost want to take a bite. I can't say as I have ever had a plant that smells like a banana, green or ripe. Having children myself I would think the open ended question gave them the oportunity to think it smelled like bananas. Or else I'm just crazy and don't know what smells like what.

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I think it depends on the variety. There is a statement in the book _Palms won't Grow Here_ that the sap from banana plants can smell like bananas.

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I don't know that it smells like the fruit of a banana but I would say it definitely smells like the peel of a banana.

I don't eat bananas until the are yellow with many brown spots (just abuout to ROT! :) so it's possible that a green or just turned yellow banana would smell like the sap of the leaves and pseudostem.

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yes, they do smell like banana peels/skins :)

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blondboy47(z6b(almost 7) ON,Canada)

huh! ours smell like chicken! *snicker* ;)

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