How long until banana pups?

sk8vonfixess(5b/6a)March 18, 2013

I have a musa basjoo and my friend wants one. Problem is since i only have one i dont wont to give it up.. My basjoo is a little over 1 FT.

How long until my banana plant makes pups?

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Is your Basjoo inside? Once you don't have any more frost, move it outside so you can get some major growth on it this spring and summer. Bananas pup readily when they are actively growing, especially outside.
Fertilizing with nitrogen will also help with getting pups!


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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)


Aside from the info posted on the Florida Gardening forum, I came across this thread today and thought of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Do You Encourage Bananas To Pup

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alright thanks :) im probably going to plant them in may just because theyre still only a little bit over a foot

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If they are planted outside in the soil, they should pup by around August regardless of the size you start with. I would however suggest keeping it in a pot until it gets to 3ft or taller, then planting it 1ft deep especially if you are in zone 5b so you can keep it well protected.

Also use well drained soil or else oxygen can't get down to the corm with a deep planting. I would suggest waiting until next spring right around this time of the year to remove pups for your friend so the pups can be loaded with starches which increases the success rate. Also take a part off the main corm just to make sure you give the division enough energy. The main corm should regenerate with ease, but divisions take a while to heal up and become independent.

Here's my blog for my musa basjoos in 2012, but it also has links to the blogs from 2011, and 2010 so you can see for yourself how quickly they pup.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog on musa basjoo progression

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