Ae-Ae's galore

bob6012March 14, 2007

I went to Stokes Tropicals in Jenerette, Louisiana yesterday to see their huge greenhouse and the banana plants. I'd purchased several plants on e-bay and received one foot and eighteen inch plants for price + S&H came to about $12.00 each.

Wow! Stokes have one price for any size plant in that catagory. Most are $18.95 your choice. One footer or 4 footer with 4 pups they're the same price. And even though I've only been "into" banana's for about 3 months I found my very first Ae-Ae's. Two 8 and 9 footers with pups are $800.00 each and then they have five or six 3 and 4 footers for around $300.00 each. I got the feeling that I couldn't really buy one since they could tell I was a newcomer to the world of banana's.

Anyway, I got four wonderful plants, African Rhino, Blue Java, Ice Cream and Double Mahoi. All good size with pups. $18.95 each.

This beats seed germination disappointments and itsy-bitsy plants on e-bay.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Waaahh I miss actually being able to *go* there! I moved away last fall, used to live over that way. They do have an attractive greenhouse with great big AE AE's in pots.
Last time I went I got a double mahoi, dwf cavendish (with pups), a grand nain (with pups)and a yellow x-mas heliconia for all under 50 bucks on sale. They are all still going strong.

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I've got a hunch that since they're only 100 miles away I might have to go there more often. Stop in St. Martinville and have an oyster po'boy then go on to Stokes and spend my Social Security $ on bananas. What a way to grow old,'eh?

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