Is It Alive?

camanoislandmanMarch 6, 2008

I love this Musa Basjoo Banana Palm and planted it last year and it got to about 8' I cut it back to 2' for the winter wrapped it in a towel and plastic wrapped it. I just yesterday unwrapped it to find the towell was soaked with water and now don't know if it's alive or dead. Should I peel back the leaves of the trunk or just leave it alone and watch it?



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jrork(8 Washington)

When you lightly squeeze it is it fir or soft? Most of mine are real firm but one is soft till you get right above the corm. John

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

I've never heard of using plastic to wrap a plant like that. I'd be afraid that if the plant couldn't breath, the moisture from the naturaly dieing leaves would be trapped inside and could cause even more damage.

It's hard to say wether or not the plant is dead from the information you provided. But I would think that the odds are good that it is just fine. WIth bananas, the actual plant is underground, and the only thing above ground are the leaves, which includes the stem, which is a leaf also.

So just leave her be and hope for the best. As long as the below ground part of the plant is ok, it will grow when things warm up. Now if you have a big sticky mess around the stem part, I would certainly not hesitate to get rid of the rotten, pulpy, yucky part.

Good luck.

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jrork(8 Washington)

I will offer that I have lost mine 3 years in a row till this last winter where I cut them back a bit and then covered them in beauty bark. They all came back though I do have one that is a bit mushy up high. The corm is firm though. Good luck

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