musa basjoo

clammanMarch 22, 2009

uncovered plants today top of plants above ground like slime or wet rot.poking below ground feels fine is this normal, not sure what they should look like after the winter.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Mine are like that every spring. They should sprout back sometime in may.


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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

Don't sweat it Clamman, they'll be fine. Just clean up the top rot and leave em alone. I like to have the added height on mine so I do wrap most of mine. I just uncovered yesterday and as of today, they stand 4 1/2ft tall already. Try wrapping next year if you have the time. You'll end up with more impressive Trees. Dan

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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Dan, What/how exactly do you wrap yours? I covered mine and protected w/ leaves, but just put some burlap over the top of them, and a tarp... didn't exactly wrap them though. I hope they made it!

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

Here is a link to one of my old postings, including Pictures. As you might be able to see, I wrap old Towels, Blankets, Tee Shirts and Socks around mine. Then I pile up leaves all the way to the top and pack em in good. If you do all this work and don't bother to cover it with a Tarp, you'll have mush come spring time. Cover it to keep out the water. Thats all I do.

This year, mine look the same but, one of the Trees in the center of the grouping froze about 12"s down from the top. I cut off that soft top foot. I can feel that the rest of the way down it's solid so I'm figureing it will still push out new growth but, will be a foot shorter. I'm still waiting to see if I'm right. If this heat wave continues, I'll know real soon for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: My old posting with pictures

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beachbum_nj(N.J. z7)

I uncovered my Musa Basjoo about last week. I think it looked very good. We went through a very cold winter this year. 2 of the trees had a new leaf starting to grow. 1 plant in the middle doesn't look as good, byt I am hoping it will come back. 1 pup is growing too. Very happy with outcome. This is the 1st time I have overwintered outside. Do you think the middle one will come back? Should I take the dead stuff off the bottoms of the trees? Today it is about a half foot taller.

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dan1465_z7nj(Z7 NJ)

LOL Yes, they sure are growing now with all this heat. We both have the same problem with one tree dieing back farther than the others. I'm betting that for sure we'll see growth from these stems. Wait and see. I cleaned up all the loose stuff at the bottom. They won't need it for protection this late into the season.

Beachbum, You'll be much happier with the new height you'll achieve this summer. Up,up, up, over the Roof. Dan

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