Is there a thin clumping bamboo?

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)April 28, 2010

I want a clumping bamboo that is short(er), will tolerate shade and is thin so that a person can see through it. Would a person plant several plants in an area of about 20 sq. ft. or let one plant continue to grow? Can the plant in the pot be divided upon purchase?

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Bambusas have a tendency to grow thinner when grown in a shady area. You may have to remove some of the culms to get the 'see-through' look that you want with any bamboo.

I personally would put several plants in that area, but you are in an area where they(Bambusas) are borderline cold hardy. I'm not sure of a clumper that fits your area and needs without some care.

How tall would you like the boo to grow??

If a plant is large enough at the time of purchase, you can divide it. I've bought some bamboo in a pot before and got up to 4 divisions out of a single pot. Depends on size.


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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I think around 4-6 feet would be good. That's what I was wondering, if it could be divided. Do you get yours in a nursery or do you have to order it on-line? Can you suggest a reputable place that sells the CORRECT one as stated?

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There are a lot of reputable online bamboo nurseries out there. I have ordered from 4 or 5 of them and all sold excellent plants.

Buying from Home Depot or a similar place may get you a mis-labeled plant. Best to go with a 'bamboo' nursery.

There are some short Bambusas and one that grows to about six feet, but even if you have a taller plant, you can top it to the height that you desire.


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